Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Salisbury University in May 2013. Her main focus was photography ranging from fine art to commerical; as well as glassblowing, drawing, painting, book binding and much more. She first picked up a film camera when she was 14 years old and officially fell in love with photography in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2004. 

Throughout her high school and college career she has been featured in creative and literary magazines. In 2013 she studied abroad in Paris and London for an advanced travel photography course - a form she has always been in love with. Currently she is employed with Marriott International still striving to become the photographer she's always envisioned herself to be.

Her influences fall under a wide range of photographers from the famous Ansel Adams and Annie Lebowitz to David LaChapelle and even more so Hawaiian photographer Clark Little.

Looking through a lens she realizes she can find beauty in the most unexpected places and realized that is just what the Earth may need to become a beautiful place again.